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Vacuum cleaners and Frieze carpets

Frieze Carpets
Frieze Silky Carpets

There is a serious problem in the marketplace right now and that is the ignorance and misunderstanding of frieze carpets. Frieze carpets came upon the market and caught on quickly especially the new “silky” carpets that are made out of corn by-products and without a thought as to how to clean it. [inset side=”right” title=”Frieze not the same”]For decades the consumer has gone out and purchased whatever carpet pile that is popular at the time and has vacuumed it the same way with the same vacuums of the time.[/inset]I would venture to say that the majority of households today that have frieze carpeting do not have the proper vacuum cleaner thus if there is a problem over a period of short years before the warranty runs out and the carpet starts untwisting or fibers look cut or worn then the homeowner is going to complain. The first thing that the carpet dealer or manufacturer representative will look at is how you are taking care of it. Many companies making frieze carpets are requiring in their instruction booklet, for the carpet to be vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner with manual height settings so that the vacuum does not pull too much of the twisted strands of the frieze into the brush cavity of the vacuum. Or even more important to understand is that about 25% of companies making frieze carpets do not want any revolving brush at all to be used to clean their carpet. The homeowner must be aware of this and many do not.

Some who had troubles vacuuming their new frieze carpet blamed the vacuum. Even at Nybakke, we had customers who complained to us that there was something wrong with their vacuum but in reality there was nothing wrong with the [inset side=”left” title=”Nybakke knows vacuums”] The carpet dealer either did not know that this carpet needed to be treated differently or didn’t care and the instructional booklet was pretty much ignored by everyone.[/inset]vacuum they had except the customer went out and bought a carpet that their old vacuum either could not adjust to or had no way of shutting off the revolving brush. The only analogy I can come up with is that blaming a vacuum dealer for a new carpet fad that has special needs to clean is like blaming a gas station dealer because you are putting his gas into a car you recently purchased that does not use gas.

We at Nybakke recommend for people who have bought new carpet is to bring in a large piece of that carpet into our store with the manufactures instructions and we can show you the proper vacuums that are designed for such carpet and because all our vacuums are ready to be plugged in and tried, we can demonstrate that vacuum on your carpet as well as the many different types of carpets we already have in our store.

Terry Nybakke