Central Vacuum Power Nozzles

Nybakke offers only the best attachments and accessories for central vacuum systems. We find that since most central vacuum motor units are high in quality and last a very long time, using poor quality attachments with your system can get you frustrated and dissatisfied.

Here are a few of our most popular and best items to upgrade your central vacuum.
There is a lot of new and improved technology in the central vacuum business. Lots of the old ways were shown as ineffective to clean and many central vacuum manufactures do not want to change their ways. We are leaving them in the dust as Nybakke with many of their partners like MD Manufacturing, Riccar and Centec are blazing new ground and improving the entire industry. Here are just a few ways to improve the old and make an amazing difference in how clean your home can be.

Power Nozzles available at Nybakke to upgrade your system

Improve cleaning performance by 100%!

The American Made Riccar power nozzle will improve cleaning performance on carpets by over 100% from some suction only and air-driven nozzle systems. You can upgrade your system by getting a new electric hose and power nozzle to fit your existing inlets so no major remodeling or changes need to be made (on most older systems). Click here and see the difference. Come into Nybakke at 814 IAA Dr., Bloomington, IL or call us at 309-662-7272 or contact us here and set up a time where we can demonstrate this in your own home.

American Made Riccar Power Nozzle
PN w.babyWith the knowledge that you can improve your central vacuum system in carpet cleaning effectiveness by over 100%, what is the next step? How can that work for you?

Nybakke has hoses that can fit your existing wall plates and system that carry electricity through the hose so that it can run the motor of the Riccar power nozzle. So all you have to replace is your hose and power nozzle with wand and it is like having an all new system. The Riccar power nozzle is the only American Made power nozzle that has the heigth adjustments for all carpets including frieze. Metal parts where needed for durability and a three year warranty.

Sue from Illinois says:
“I want to thank you for counseling me on my powerhead purchase. I’ve only used it once but I love my new Riccar!!
After my purchase this morning, I came home and emptied my dirt receptacle. Then ran the Riccar relatively quickly over my carpet. I am AMAZED at how much it picked up that my old powerhead was missing. I’d show you a photo of the evidence, if I wasn’t so embarrassed at how much was left in my carpet by my old Beam Rugmaster Plus. WOW!! Thanks again to you and Mike for sharing your expertise with me!!
Feel free to use my comments on your web site if you like. I couldn’t be happier!”

Riccar Volt. Add more power to your system with this cordfree nozzle

A new break through in cleaning technology.

Your central vacuum system has a lot of suction from the motor unit usually located in your basement or garage. Now add a nozzle that has a powerful motor that creates even more airflow and suction cleaning your carpets better than ever before. No other nozzle has a motor that creates powerful airflow and suction along with turing a high speed revolving brush creating agitation and grooming action. And what’s mind blowing is that this nozzle is cordfree! So it fits virtually every central vac hose. No need to buy an electric hose to get electricity to the nozzle.
The Volt has a 44 volt lithium ion battery that has approximate hour running time. Click here and see the spec sheet of this great new power nozzle.
You can purchase the Volt now by clicking this link to nybakkestore.com.

For the new high density soft carpets
Centec.CT_23_WandThe Centec Response II CT23 power nozzle is uniquely designed to vacuum the very popular high density soft pile carpets that most vacuum cleaners are not able to. Most vacuums will create a seal to this high density soft pile carpet thus keeping air from coming up underneath the nozzle so it doesn’t clean and is almost impossible to push. Cleaning is created by high airflow with agitation and grooming action. The Response II CT23 was designed to move the highest volume of air underneath the nozzle so that it deep cleans and pushes much easier.

Order this Centec power nozzle now on www.nybakkestore.com!

Vacuum and Polish floors as well as vacuum carpets or rugs
Centec.CT10The Centec Response CT10QD is the most unique floor nozzle. It can be your most valued tool for your home if you have different types of flooring. It can vacuum your carpets with it’s revolving brushes. It has a gentle grooming action so not to cause excessive wear to the carpet fibers. The revolving brush actually will give your hard floors a polished look. So with this lightweight nozzle you can vacuum from your hard floors to carpets or rugs.
It also have a shutter system that allows the nozzle to clean right up to base boards and provides excellent edge cleaning.

Order this Centec power nozzle now on www.nybakkestore.com!