Dry Carpet Cleaning Rentals

Rent the best machine to dry clean you carpets at Nybakke. The SEBO duoBrush is a commercial quality dry carpet cleaning system that is no heavier than the typical upright vacuum cleaner and yet agitates the dry carpet cleaner deep into the carpet pile rather effortlessly. With two counter revolving brushes this machine works and lifts the carpet pile without throwing the dry carpet cleaner in front or back of the unit. Working together with the best dry carpet cleaner, the Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner, you get the best results and highest performance in carpet cleaning.
Here are the step by step instructions for dry cleaning your carpets or click here to print out the instructions in a pdf file.

Step by Step Instructions to dry clean your carpets.

Step One
Capture premist1The PreCleaner is a special formula developed by Nybakke with over 30 years of dry carpet cleaning experience. It has cleaning ingredients with emulsifiers as most carpets have a grease film or spots that form a bond or crust to the carpet. The minimum moisture of the powder can not get into those spots without the aid of the PreCleaner.

Prepare for a 6ft X 6ft area at a time. Lightly apply Nybakke PreCleaner from waist height. Just put a good fog or mist down as the PreCleaner is setting up the carpet for for the powder.

Step Two
seboduoFirst take off tray on bottom of your rental unit of the SEBO duoBrush. Remember to put back on after carpet has been cleaned.

Brush the PreCleaner in with the SEBO. This agitates the PreCleaner into the carpet pile with it’s two counter revolving brushes.  This step is very important as it breaks up heavier dirt, soil  and stains and actually enhances the ability of the Riccar Dry Carpet Cleaner to absorb as much as 35% better than not brushing the PreCleaner in first. Concentrate on heavier soiled traffic lanes and spots with brushing the carpet pile in different directions.

Step Three
Capture sifter1Now its time for the main ingredient that consists of millions of soft porous particles that remove soil, spots and stains on contact.

Sprinkle a sifter full of Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner onto the 6ft X 6ft area that you just brushed the PreCleaner into. Sprinkle heavier amounts in soiled and over spotted areas. Then lighter amounts in non-traffic areas.

Step Four
SEBOduoStep3Brush the Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner powder into the carpet with your rental SEBO. The Capture powder does all the work by absorbing the soil and dirt. Work carpet in all directions with the SEBO. No need to spend anymore time than it takes to have the powder disappear into the carpet pile as the powder absorbs on contact. Going over and over the same area will only cause dusting with the powder.
Step Five
Riccar BRLP w.cleaninglady.1

Repeat Step One through Four until you have finished all the carpet area where you want to clean. Remember you don’t have to move heavy furniture as your furniture will not be setting in a wet carpet.

Wait at least 60 minutes for the Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner to dry completely out so that it can be thoroughly vacuumed out of the carpet. You may leave the powder on the carpet as long as you choose and vacuum at your convenience. You can even walk on the carpet with the Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner in the carpet.

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