Bela Soaps – Natural Vegan and Fragrant

Why buy Bela Soaps?

Better Ingredients Make Better Soap

Bela Soaps are Vegan Soap – Bela Soap understands the need for high quality, natural soap in the Vegan community. Although natural soap is available in grocery stores and other retail shops, most is not of very good quality. We only use the finest ingredients such as sustainable palm oils, Shea butter and vanilla beans. We never use chemicals, detergents or animal products in our Vegan soap.

Bela Soaps are French Milled – A Grench milled bar is the only type of soap bar that is long lasting and will not dissolve with use or get soft and tacky. The milling process removes air from the bar leaving it in a compressed state that makes it into a product that produces a richer and creamier lather.

Bela Soaps Ingredients – Sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil, certified organic shea butter, vegetable glycerin, sodium chloride, water, preservative, fragrance, organic color pigments and may contain olive oil, oatmeal, flowers, honey, myrtle leaves, tea tree oil, essential oils, milk, grape seed oil, vanilla beans, lemon oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, vitamin E, and other natural ingredients.

Bela Soaps Fragrances – Many fragrances so there is a scent for every member of the family.

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