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If you are needing a vacuum serviced or repaired or just needs parts, Nybakke is likely to be able to help you. It used to be that we could say that we can repair all vacuums no matter the brand but these days there are more and more nationally advertised brands that have a vacuum made for them (mostly in China) and distribute it by mainly advertising in infomercials and on the internet or sell it in pallet fulls to big box stores and they have no intention of inventorying parts in this country.

If you have a vacuum you really like and want to take care of, Nybakke offers a “Full Tune Up”. This special service will completely take your vacuum apart and wash all plastic parts, even outer bags and inspects all electrical parts. This is important for people with allegies because your vacuum is the most important tool in your home to keep your indoor air quality clean. With this “Full tune Up” your vacuum gets sanitized and disinfected.

Here is many popular brands and service available for that brand below but never hesitate to call us at 309-662-7272 or contact us and ask if you do not see your brand listed.

Popular brands that Nybakke will service

Parts and repairsDysonKirbyOreckBissellHooverEurekaRoyalRexair RainbowVacuFlo Central Vacs

Here is a short video showing our store and all the inventory we carry to have the parts, bags and filters for your vacuum. Also we service most every major brand of vacuums including Dyson, Oreck, Kirby, Hoover, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Bissell, Riccar, Simplicity, Kenmore, etc…….
Some companies make no parts available for their vacuums as they only sell in discount or big box stores or over the internet and know that parts and serviceability is not important to their customers. But most major brands do make their parts available so please bring your vacuum to Nybakke and we can take care of it.

vacuum-dyson-doctor-dc01Nybakke can service most Dyson vacuums. It is the hip and trendy vacuum due to national advertising but is relatively poorly rated as a vacuum for deep cleaning performance as rated in leading consumer magazines. Made in Malaysia so often parts are not available for some models but most Dyson vacuums we can service and get repair parts. Like all bagless vacuums, it is important to sanitize and disinfect every year or two depending on use. A good test is to go to your Dyson in the closet or wherever you store it and run your hand down the outsides of the vacuum. Normally you get a dusty and dirty hand which means that your bagless vacuum is throwing microscopic (allergens like dust mites, animal dander and mold spores) particles into your room air while vacuuming. So regular cleaning and washing of the vacuum is essential for indoor air quality.


Nybakke has been servicing Kirby vacuums for over 80 years. My grandfather Ben Nybakke, used to go around in 1932 and collect used Kirby vacuums and rebuild them and buff them to look like new. Kirby’s are American Made and are one of the most durable vacuums on the market. Nybakke can get service your Kirby and take care of it with all their years of knowledge and service experience. Whether looking for a part or needing serivce, Nybakke can take care of you. One of the important service needed for Kirby’s is to have them completely tuned up. That means to have them sanitized and disinfected every couple of years. A full tune up includes but not limited to high pressure air clean all electrical components including the motor, completely disassembling the vacuum and washing outer bags and disinfecting all plastic parts, cleaning and lubricating all moveable parts, complete internal and external inspection of vacuum cleaner. All the dirt goes through the motor parts of the Kirby and all hair and dirt and debris goes through all the revolving parts of the vacuum.

Oreck XL

Nybakke has repaired Oreck vacuum cleaners for over 50 years. Unfortunately it is not the same American company it used to be. Oreck went through bankruptcy in 2006 and now they just went through another bankruptcy in mid 2013. Now owned by an Asian company that also owns Hoover and Dirt Devil.

In it’s design all the dirt passes through the motor fan then the fan blows the dirt up the handle and into the bag. This allows hair, ravelings, string, etc… to wrap around all revolving parts. Cleaning and servicing Oreck vacuum cleaners is essential for long life. Nybakke can take care of this. Also the belt should be replaced every 4 to 6 months as it stretches and slips as it wears. So any repair needed or just a thorough cleaning, bring your Oreck to Nybakke and we will take care of it.

Bissell upright

Bissell is sold primarily in the discount store or big box store. It is one of the most popular of the imported vacuums from China. The trade off to the lower quality of the Bissell is just that it is inexpensive. Most Bissell’s are bagless meaning that it is important to sanitize and disinfect every year or two depending on use. A good test is to go to your Bissell in the closet or wherever you store it and run your hand down the outsides of the vacuum. Normally you get a dusty and dirty hand which means that your bagless vacuum is throwing microscopic (allergens like dust mites, animal dander and mold spores) particles into your room air while vacuuming. So regular cleaning and washing of the vacuum is essential for indoor air quality.

old hoover pic

Nybakke has been servicing Hoover for over 50 years. Hoover used to be an American company made in Ohio. About 7 years ago, TTI (an Asian company) bought the rights to Hoover so they are not the same company they used to be. I have had many people say that their old Hoover finally died after 20+ years so they went out to buy a new Hoover and they didn’t realize the only thing similar to their old Hoover and the new ones is the six letters on the outside of the vacuum. But we still can get Hoover parts that they import and can service them if a repair is needed.

old eureka pic

Nybakke will service the Eureka vacuum cleaners and has a 70 year history of fixing them. In fact when Eureka used to make their vacuums right here in Bloomington Illinois, two of my uncles including their wives, worked for them till retirement. Those were the days that just about everyone that lives in Bloomington either knew someone that worked at Eureka or wanted to buy a Eureka because of their local importance.
Now unfortunately, Eureka is owned by Electrolux and moved just about all their manufacturing to China to be able to sell at the lowest price possible in big box stores.
Nybakke can get all parts that are imported to the states for Eureka and Electrolux so any problem with yours, we should be able to take care of them. The older Eureka’s we can still fix as well so trust Nybakke to take care of your vacuum. Any questions about your Eureka or Electrolux vacuum call us at 309-662-7272.

Service.RoyalRoyal used to be compared to Kirby a lot in the old days as it was metal and had the old fashioned look. They were made mostly in Ohio for many years. Nybakke sold many of Royal through the years, both for household use and commercial use. We can service the Royal vacuums and because of their durability and metal parts, you can rebuild or refurbish a Royal and it might last you many more years. One of the best cleaning uprights on the market because it is a “direct air” vacuum where the motor is placed inches from the carpet and with a big fan,it blows the dirt behind it into it’s bag. Many people take advantage of our full tune up offer on Royals which thoroughly cleans and lubricates the vacuum and also washes it’s outer bag so it is sanitized.

RainbowNybakke has serviced Rainbow vacuum cleaners now for over 50 years. These vacuums were strictly sold by door to door salespeople so those who bought didn’t know where to get their vacuum serviced because door to door salespeople moved a lot and did not stay in their area. Nybakke came to the rescue and has serviced Rainbow for those who love their vacuum and want to keep it in top notch shape.
Because this vacuum uses water to capture the dirt it picks up, the electric motor is sitting directly above the water so it gets a water vapor through that motor which needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Over the years, Nybakke has seen Rainbow vacuums with rust all around the motor from those who have not regularly serviced their vacuum. So if your Rainbow needs repair, look to Nybakke to take care of it.

TurbocatVacuFlo central vacuums in our area were normally installed by those who don’t service what they sell. So the homeowner that needs service on their central vacuum turned to Nybakke since we service almost any brand of vacuum cleaners as well as central vacuums. If any attachment from your central vacuum needs servicing, bring it to Nybakke and we will take care of it. VacuFlo normally sells their system with an air-driven turbine nozzle that is a very poor performer for getting deep down dirt out of carpets. Since air is used to turn a turbine fan which then turns a belt that revolves the brush, any resistance because of hiar or ravelings wrapping around the brush bearings or motor pulley will cause the brush to stop turning. Allow Nybakke to service your turbine nozzle or come in to Nybakke and look at motor driven power nozzles to use with your VacuFlo and upgrade your performance on carpeting to over 100%! Click here to see a video that compares the cleaning performance between a VacuFlo turbine nozzle and an American Made Power Nozzle by Riccar.

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