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Review of Riccar Supralite Uprights


Terry Nybakke
Terry Nybakke

I believe that most American consumers (surprisingly not all) want to buy American Made whenever possible. In your local independent vacuum store, Nybakke Vacuum Shop has a line of vacuums Made in USA by Riccar. The SupraLite upright vacuum models have become big sellers not only because they are Made in USA but also because they are one of the lightest uprights that are consistently rated as one of the best cleaning uprights in your leading consumer magazines. In the industry periodicals that I read, poll after poll shows that those who expect to buy a vacuum cleaner within the next 6 months are looking for two important features: (1) a lot of power (2) lightweight and easy to push.

Vacuum cleaners have often become so heavy and clumsy as a lot of manufactures are trying to make one vacuum that can do the job of two or three vacuums. [inset side=”left” title=”Heavy Vacuums”]It is next to impossible to melt two or three vacuum designs into one and have it be effective for each type of use and be lightweight and easy to use.[/inset]So in comes the Riccar SupraLites that are a simple design where they place the motor and motor fan right next to the carpet or floor and blow everything behind the motor into the bag. The SupraLites have been given the highest excellence in deep cleaning on carpets by leading consumer magazines for many years.

There are a couple of things that are important to those considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner who reside in Bloomington/Normal and around central Illinois. [inset side=”right” title=”Riccar SupraLites”]Its design eliminates the hard bulky plastic bodies and on board attachments so it sheds a lot of pounds to the point where it weights less than 10lbs.[/inset]One is that we have a lot of two story and bi-level homes with most homes having a full basement. Carrying a vacuum up and down stairs is common place so the weight of a vacuum cleaner is a consideration when purchasing a new one. Also because of the past history of Bloomington, a lot of people used to be employed by or had family members that used to work for The Eureka Company. Eureka manufactured vacuum cleaners for many years in Bloomington and at one time employed more than 400 workers. When The Eureka Company moved out of the US for cheaper labor costs and now like so many are mostly made in China, there was a lot of bitterness in peoples minds about the company and so the fact that Riccar vacuum cleaners are Made in USA hits close to home.

The brand new 2014 models are in stock now at Nybakke. Riccar has redesigned the base to better adjust to the new soft and silky carpets as well as frieze carpets. Also for those with allergies, most of the new SupraLite uprights have a seal sealing bag so no contact with dust when changing.