Best Way To Maintain Wood & Laminate Floors

Nellie's WOW Mop

A Mop that will WOW you!

Dual cleaning technology. Combines sweeping, mopping, drying and self cleaning all in one.

Make your life easier

Nellie’s WOW Mop is now at Nybakke Vacuum Shop! It is cordfree, lightweight and rechargeable. The WOW Mop makes cleaning your floors effortless! Having oscillating cleaning pads, a high-frequency motor and a long handle, you can now pick up dirt and stains completely and easily. A pair of Nellie’s WOW Wet Floor cleaning pads comes with the unit and are machine washable, ecofriendly and can be washed and reused up to 100 times. Nybakke has the WOW mop on display so you can experience how this machine works and how easy it is to use. Also Nybakke is giving a quart of their Wood Floor and Laminate Floor cleaner for free with purchase of the WOW Mop, this is a $20 retail value.

The Hizero

High Efficiency

Dual cleaning technology. Combines sweeping, mopping, drying and self cleaning all in one.

Dual Cleaning – Wet and Dry Use

Clean up solid and fluid substances such as: dirt, grime, coffee grounds, spaghetti, mud, tomato sauce. Whatever is spilt on your hardwood or hard floors, Hizero can suck it up.

Great for Pet Owners

Dogs can track mud and grass from outside and the Hizero can clean up the mess in very little time.

Easy Maintenance

Just empty the dirty water tank and solid waste tray after each use. It’s quick and easy to use.

Cordfree Technology

Lithium Ion Battery with 40 – 70 minutes of running time. Go where you need to vacuum and not need to plug in a cord.

Want a quick, lightweight but powerful vacuum for your floors? It’s the Riccar Steward.

The Riccar Steward

Riccar Steward Stick Vacuum from Riccar Vacuums on Vimeo.


Makes quick work of all types of messes. Vacuums hard floors like wood, laminate, tile, linoleum and others. Uses powerful suction with a brushroll, squeegee and polishing strip to vacuum up everything in one pass.


The nozzle head swivels and steers easily around furniture and in between chair legs. Ease of use will reduce cleaning time.

Easy To Empty

The large dirt cup is easily emptied. Plus HEPA Media Filter is easy to clean and keeps your indoor air cleaner.

Best Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

ammNybakke Wood & Laminate CleanerThis neutral, no rinse cleaner is for use on floors and all water-safe surfaces. The Nybakke Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner cleans and removes soils from floors, walls, woodwork, countertops, fixtures, etc. No rinse formula will not dull or damage floor finishes, improving the appearance and extending the life of the coating.Spray & wipe cleaning makes the task easier and dries in minutes. Use on resilient tile, stone, ceramic/porcelain, concrete, marble, sealed wood, and terrazzo floors. This cleaner is safe on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, glass, and fiberglass. Right now as a special, a 32oz spray bottle and trigger is free with the purchase of this concentrated cleaner. Use only 1 or 2 ounces of cleaner per spray bottle.

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