Central Vacuum Rough Ins

Choose the right central vac rough in

Mike Rath - Central Vac Installer for Nybakke Vacuum Shop

Mike RathMike Rath has worked for Nybakke Vacuum Shop for over 12 years. He has been roughing in central vacuum systems all over central Illinois. With his experience, you will have the best rough in with the least amount of distance for the air to travel and get all his vast knowledge on the best way to install a system. Here is an recommendation from a recent customer, Edna of Fairbury:


Wanted to thank you so much for helping us out with installing the central vac unit on such short notice. We really appreciate Mike’s work and feel that you have a valuable employee in him. He is very courteous, willing to answer questions and thorough in his work. Please pass along our thanks to him as well!

Electrical direct connect or low voltage?

Central vacuum rough inThe choice on rough ins is based on either budget or if you are going to have carpets to vacuum. The low voltage rough in is less expensive since there is no electricity to the central vacuum inlet. So if you are going to have no carpets and vacuum just primarily hard floors with straight suction then the low voltage rough in can work for you. If you will have some large area rugs and/or carpeting in the house then you may want the convenience of the direct connect rough in where there is a mini electrical outlet added to the central vacuum inlet so when the hose slides into the inlet it is all ready to go to run a motorized power nozzle. With the low voltage rough in, if you want to run a motorized power nozzle, then the hose must have a pigtail cord at the wall end that would need to plug into the nearest electrical outlet.

Cities that Nybakke will rough in your central vacuum system.
Nybakke can work with your electrician all around central Illinois. If you live in Normal, Saybrook, Danvers, Carlock, Peoria, Washington, Lexington, etc…, Nybakke can take care of you with the best central vacuum system.

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