SEBO, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality vacuum cleaners

Nybakke has been selling and servicing SEBO vacuums for over 30 years. There is no longer lasting vacuums on the market. Now SEBO offers through Nybakke Vacuum Shop an extended 10 year motor-10 year parts-7 year labor warranty on all their full size vacuums.

Which SEBO is best for you?The SEBO E3 canister is powerful and versatile to vacuum carpets, floors, rugs, stairs, and all your attachment cleaning needs. Learn more here.The SEBO Felix upright gives you an upright that can vacuum bare floors to carpets with a on-board hose that can be used like a hand vacuum for stair cleaning. Learn more here.The SEBO X4 is the best example of high commercial quality upright vacuum made for the home. Powerful two fan suction motor and electronically adjusts from carpets to floors. Enjoy hospital grade filtration with it’s large capacity bag and filter system. Learn more here.