CleanMax Commercial Vacuums

Nybakke Vacuum Shop has a full line of commercial  vacuums by CleanMax.

Both type of uprights are made by CleanMax that are UL approved for commercial use. The on-board tool design where you have a ready to use hose and telescopic wand with upholstery and crevice tool. This also routes the dirt around the motor (bypasses motor) so that if rocks, pennies or nails are accidentally picked up, it does not damage the motor. The other type of upright focuses on high performance with being as lightweight as possible. CleanMax has the most powerful lightweight upright on the market.

CleanMax ZM-200

American Built CleanMax ZM-200

– Commercial One Year Warranty
– Only 8lbs
– 35-foot 3 Wire Cord
– One Speed Motor
– Toe Kick Switch
– Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
– Wood Agitator
– Most Powerful Lightweight Vacuum
– Certified HEPA Bag System

CleanMax Pro-Series

CleanMax Pro-Series

– Commercial One Year Warranty

-Two Year Motor Warranty
– On-Board Tools
– 12-foot Hose, Wand, Duster/Upholstery Tool and Crevice Tool
– 60-foot 3 Wire Cord
– Bypass Design
– Sealed Quiet System
– Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
– Metal Agitator
– Metal Bottom Plate
– Certified HEPA Bag System

The CMP-3QD has a rubber belt that needs to be changed periodically.

  • The CMPS-QDZ has a lifetime belt. Serpentine belt that won’t stretch or slip like a rubber belt. Has a Hall Sensor on it so if you pick up something that jams the brushroll, it stops immediately that keeps any damage from the belt.

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