CT25 Soft Pile Power Nozzle



The CT25QD soft pile central vac power nozzle is engineered by Centec to vacuum traditional or low pile carpets as well as the newest high density soft pile carpets. The CT25 has a unique venting system that insures optimal air flow under the chevron brush agitator for superior embedded dirt pick-up regardless of carpet type. The double swivel neck design makes the CT25QD the easiest nozzle in the market to control. The lifetime poly-v belt drive reduces noise and vibration. The belt is inset from the edge of the brush to insure brushed edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. A soft bumper protects base boards and furnishing. A quick release wand feature facilitates above the floor cleaning needs.
Nybakke is selling this CT25 soft pile carpet nozzle with an integrated wand that fits most hose with a flush style hose receptacle. Look at your hose wand end and see if the electric receptacle is flush with the handle grip or if it is recessed about a 1/4″ into the handle grip. See picture to understand what is a flush receptacle.