Volt Power Nozzle for Central Vacuums



Volt cordless power nozzle for central vacuums is the best way to give your system up to 50% more power. Volt has a motor that actually creates suction and airflow. So as a result, your central vacuum system will have two suction motors with one being in your motor unit (typically in garage or basement) and then the Volt adding more suction. This is a patented design so no other power nozzle creates more suction, their motors are for turning the brushroll to create agitation only.
This fits most all central vacuums. Volt is cordless so you do not have to have electricity through your old hose as it runs on a 44 volt lithium ion battery. This gives you about an hour of running time which will clean most houses three times before charging.
Volt cordless power nozzle for central vacuums also is rated excellent in bare floor vacuuming as well/ The added suction motor lifts dirt off any hard floor and it’s soft rubber wheels and squeegee.
For those who have had an air driven nozzle like the TurboCat or Zoom nozzles by Vacuflo, the Volt will improve your performance on floors and carpets by up to 50%. Or for those who have an electrical issue with their hose or old power nozzle, all you need is the Volt.

Additional information

Weight14.0 oz
Dimensions36 × 8 × 14 in