Best cordfree and robotic vacuums

Regina the Original Cordless Cleaner

Regina the Original Cordless Cleaner

Regina the original cordless cleaner is a unique and lightweight bagless vacuum that is engineered to be powerful, durable and easy to use. Designed to deep clean embedded dirt from wall-to-wall carpeting yet gentle enough to use on hardwood floors and tough enough to last years.

Check out the features of the Regina Cordless Cleaner.
* Lightweight
* Cordless – up to 25 minutes of runtime
* Powerful to clean embedded dirt
* Telescopic Handle
* Lays Flat
* Bagless

Local Service From Nybakke

Nybakke is the only place where you can buy a cordless vacuum cleaner and get local service and parts.

Simplicity S65 Cordless Lightweight Multi-Vac

Simplicity S65 Cordfree Lightweight Multi-Use Vacuum

Quick, easy and versatile, the lightweight Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum adapts quickly to whatever you need to clean. Perfect for cleaning bare floors and rugs, the S65 runs up to 25 minutes at low speed.* It’s a Simplicity, so of course it’s easy to use and easily available at Nybakke Vacuum Shop.

Check out the features of the new Simplicity S65 Multi Vac.
* Lightweight – Just 5.5 pounds
* Cordless – 21.9-volt lithium ion battery with up to 25 minutes
of runtime.
* Multiple nozzles and tools – Four tools, a 90-degree angle 
adapter, an aluminum wand, a bare floor brush and a carpet
nozzle with LED headlight make for many configurations

Local Service From Nybakke

Nybakke is the only place where you can buy a Cordless vacuum cleaner and get local service and parts.

SupraLite R10CV

Riccar R10CV Cordless Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Can you imagine using a vacuum that outperforms most electric vacuums and it is cordfree? Even holds up to commercial use so you can have it 10 + years. Available right now at Nybakke Vacuum Shop.

– 4 Year Warranty – 2 Year Battery
– Only 10lbs
– One Speed Motor
– New Bottom Plate for Soft Pile Carpets
– Excellent on Carpets and Hard Floors
– Wood Agitator
– Switch in Handle
About One Hour Running Time
44 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
– Blue

The Roam by Riccar is Cord Free

Roam Cordless Broom Vacuum from Riccar Vacuums on Vimeo.

Cord Free

The Roam is not tied down by a cord. No winding and unwinding, no tangles or trip hazards and no more frustrations of running out of cord to finish vacuuming a room. Approximately 40 minutes of cleaning time.


Great on bare floors with a spinning brush and a polishing strip. Use the boost of power to vacuum area rugs and carpets. Then pull out hose with on-board tools that features a 10 feet of reach for above the floor cleaning.


The swivel nozzle makes the Roam easy to move around furniture and chair legs. The Roam locks in an upright position so you don’t need to lay it down on the job. The charging dock is the perfect home base so that the Roam is always ready for action.