Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier


The Austin Air HealthMate® was designed with a Medical Grade HEPA technology, which is proven to remove up to 95% of all airborne contaminants


The Austin Air HealthMate® was designed to address your everyday air quality concerns. The Medical Grade HEPA technology is proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. This includes viruses*, bacteria, dust, dander and allergens. The carbon blend used in this filter will also effectively remove chemicals, gases and odors. The Austin Air HealthMate® will significantly improve the quality of air in your home.
Save hundreds of dollars over the life of a typical air purifier since the filter cartridge only has to be replaced but every five years.

Who should consider the HealthMate®?

Those looking for protection against contaminants such as viruses and bacteria
Individuals with indoor air quality concerns
Those with slight sensitivities to airborne particles, chemicals and gases
Families looking for protection from every day indoor air pollutants
Health Benefits

Reduces the viral load to minimize risk of infection or severity of disease
Lessens night time allergies and asthma attacks
Strengthened immune system
Eases coughing, wheezing and sneezing
Reduces dry mouth and runny nose
Sounder sleep
Reduced snoring

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