Hizero Wet and Dry Dual Use Vacuum Mop for Hard Floors

The Hizero

High Efficiency

Dual cleaning technology. Combines sweeping, mopping, drying and self cleaning all in one.

Dual Cleaning – Wet and Dry Use

Clean up solid and fluid substances such as: dirt, grime, coffee grounds, spaghetti, mud, tomato sauce. Whatever is spilt on your hardwood or hard floors, Hizero can suck it up.

Great for Pet Owners

Dogs can track mud and grass from outside and the Hizero can clean up the mess in very little time.

Easy Maintenance

Just empty the dirty water tank and solid waste tray after each use. It’s quick and easy to use.

Cordfree Technology

Lithium Ion Battery with 40 – 70 minutes of running time. Go where you need to vacuum and not need to plug in a cord.